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Our bumper and change plates have been designed up to the highest standards of quality.

Bumper plates diameter regulated to IWF standards
Heavy-duty commercial grade
Firm steady hold on barbells
Minimal Bounce
Great look


Our 5 barbell designs have been machined from the strongest steel to minimize bend under heavy loads, engineered for the perfect whip and tested to provide you the perfect knurl feel.

Made of 200,000+ PSI steel to minimize whip and bar bend under heavy loads
Assembled with 8 needle bearings for a great spin
Assemble with a deep and coarse diamond knurl for increased grip
Low maintenance
Great look


Bundle your plates, barbells and accessories together to save more!

We have built three barbell weight sets tailored to the needs of every level of lifting enthusiasts.

choose your accessories

We also have a variety of barbell accessories.




Jujimufu is an American weightlifter, author, entrepreneur and social media influencer who gained fame following his appearance on America’s Got Talent. He launched his career back in 2002 and has been a mainstay in the fitness world ever since. Jujimufu uses Iron Bull Strength equipment in his training routine.



Antoine has been competing as a professional bodybuilder since 2004 and earned his IFBB Pro League Professional status at the 2012 Canadian Nationals. He competed on the Mr. Olympia stage in 2020 with his fellow Iron Bull Strength athlete Regan Grimes. Antoine has been trusting Iron Bull Strength equipment for 10 years and counting.