BRING THE GYM TO YOUR HOUSE Whether you are looking to buy dumbbells for your home gym or commercial facility, we put the same time, effort and quality into each dumbbell we produce. Quality has been put above all else when we first designed our dumbbells so you could purchase your last set of dumbbells ever. We designed our dumbbells with a minimalist approach while keeping in mind the basic functionalities. Manufactured from North American steel, the structure is robust, the workmanship is meticulous, and the details are immaculate. You get the perfect blend of luxury and strength.

CNC Machined Perfection All our dumbbells are CNC machined from solid STEEL for meticulous accuracy and an unbreakable build. Unlike other dumbbells available on the market that are casted from iron full of impurities or neoprene dumbbells that will eventually crack and rip, our dumbbells are made from one solid piece of steel making them more compact, stronger, perfectly accurate and will NEVER break or loosen when dropped to the ground.

Unbreakable Design Our dumbbells are not only unbreakable but more importantly, they are designed with an unloosenable assembly. That’s right. They will never, ever loosen. We designed both models, home and commercial, to prevent any type of loosening even after thousands of drops, impacts and abuse.

Laser Cut Stainless Steel End Plates Our dumbbells are complemented with a beautiful set of end plates to accentuate the looks and visibility of the amount of weight you need. Endplates are made from high grade stainless steel providing corrosion resistance and a beautiful, brushed finish look.