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Signature Features

Premium A-Grade Leather We continue to set the gold standard to this day. You will not find a lifting belt on the market that even comes close to the quality of our new premium leather weightlifting belts.

Stainless Steel Lever Buckle We used top grade stainless steel to machine the strongest levers, prongs and snaps for the best feel, look and longevity for your gear. Nothing but the best.

Level 3 Stiffness Using the very best proprietary elastic blend and bringing a whole new design to the market, the premium wraps will provide more support, more stiffness and more confidence under the heaviest loads.

Highest Quality, Honest Price Yes, it will be possible for you to get your hands on the best lifting gear on the market at a decent price. Because the only thing we’re more passionate about than our products are the people who wear them.

Proprietary Manufacturing We developed new manufacturing processes and used special techniques from other industries to bring you a flawless product, meticulous workmanship and immaculate details.

Competition Approved Our new premium line is USPA compliant and will be pending approval for the IPF and USAPL federations