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Here you can find a variety of fitness equipment that help support and protect your body during workouts. We offer wraps & sleeves for elbow and knee support, wraps & straps for wrist support, belts for back support and pads to protect your body and avoid soreness. Achieve your potential by protecting your joints and stabilizing your body with our quality fitness equipment!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dumbbell?
A dumbbell is a piece of fitness equipment meant to create weight. It has different weights in order to create different resistance to apply to your muscles. It can be used individually or in pairs, with one dumbbell designed to be held in each hand.
Where Can I Buy Dumbbells Online?
You can purchase dumbbells online at ironbullstrength. We carry different types of dumbbells offered at competitive prices.
How to Make Dumbbells?
Different types of dumbbells exist on the market. We only offer top quality dumbbells that are manufactured from solid steel with high precision machinery to offer the best dumbbells on the market.
How Much do Dumbbells Cost?
Dumbbells and all types of weight plates are sold by the pound. Prices of dumbbells will vary between $1.50 up to $15 per lb, all depending on the material, quality, origin and size of the dumbbell. A heavier dumbbell (150lb) will be much cheaper by the pound than a 5lb dumbbell. A stainless steel CNC machined dumbbell will be more expensive than a cheaper rubber hex dumbbell.
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Why are Dumbbells so Expensive?
The price of dumbbells depend on the cost of raw material and the method of manufacturing. Cast iron dumbbells will be much cheaper than stainless steel CNC machined dumbbells. However, the latter will be top quality with absolutely no defects compared to casted dumbbells. Further, the price of raw material greatly impact the price of dumbbells. We are currently living a mini steel crisis, with price of steel climbing week by week. A pound of rolled steel currently sells for $1.00 to $1.50, explaining the high prices of dumbbells.

How much does a Dumbbell Bar Weigh?
Dumbbells have different weights. Most dumbbells for home weigh between 1lb and 5lb. Commercial grade dumbbells will start at 5lb all the way up to 200lb.

What Size/Weight Dumbbells Should I Use?
Dumbbells have different weights by increments of 5lb so they can be used for people of all strength and for a variety of exercises. You will be much stronger on a dumbbell squat than on a dumbbell curl. This means you can lift heavier dumbbells on the first movement as the latter.

Why are Dumbbells called Dumbbells?
The term "dumbbell" or "dumb bell" has been first mentioned by the poet Joseph Addison in 1711. It was designated as an apparatus similar to that used to ring a church bell, but without the bell, so noiseless or ‘dumb’.

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Fast delivery and amazing belt

Fast delivery and amazing belt I love it, it is very comfortable and has the perfect width. I would definitely buy more products from iron bull strength in the future .

Fesaitu I.
Posted 3 Jan 2021


Great Support

Definitely assists in reducing elbow pain when lifting extremely heavy weights. Helped increase the amount of weight I lift as well

Ravinesh L.
Posted 23 Feb 2021


Great product

Love these! They take the stress off my fingers / joints allowing me to lift more weight and more reps.

Brian C.
Posted 23 Feb 2021

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