PRM2-RXT-B Power Rack

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  • 11-Gauge 3x3" Square Laser-Cut Steel
  • 42" Rack Depth
  • 24" Extension Depth
  • Westside Hole Spacing
  • Single Pull Up Bar (1.25")
  • Rear Crossmember with Logo Plate
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Safety Strap System
  • Band Pegs (4)
  • 5/8" Galvanized Steel Hardware
  • 75x54" Foot Print
  • Exclusive Black Matte Powder Coat
  • Compatible with Rack Accessories
  • Made in Canada
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Base Specs

Height 78"
Depth 42"
Foot Print 75" x 54"
Weight Capacity 1000+lb
Hole Pattern Westside
Frame 3" x 3" 11-Gauge Steel
Hardware 5/8" Galvanized Steel
Pull Up Bar Options Dual Pull Up Bar (1.25"/2.0"), Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar
Rack Attachments Compatible
Upgrades FXT
Product Weight 423 lb
Base Price 2,200$


The PRM Power Rack series is our medium sized line of power racks from Iron Bull Strength. This edition features a still compact, but more flexible unit with a rack depth option between 36" and 42" and more stability thanks to a central 3x3" crossmember. A single pull up bar comes standard with this rack, with an option to upgrade to a multi-grip pull up bar. The PRM has improved stability and versatility compared to the smaller PRS power racks. As with all our Racks and Rigs, they will accommodate any ceiling height thanks to 6 different selection of uprights ranging from 78" to 108".

The RXT edition features a rear rack extension storage unit that comes with 4 pairs of weight plate pins to keep your plates organized and your training area clean. Add a set of safety pin/pipe system and expand your rack's versatility to execute movements like rack pulls, deficit bench presses and isometric exercises.

This power rack will set you for a great workout of squats, bench press, clean-pulls, floor press, shoulder press, standing overhead press, pull-ups and more. Featuring 11-gauge 3x3" square laser-cut steel construction, a heavy-duty nylon strap safety system and a set of band pegs, this power rack is the ideal rack for a garage, basement or home gym with very limited floor space.

We designed the PR Series with a minimalist approach while keeping in mind the basic functionalities. Manufactured from American steel, the structure is robust, the workmanship is meticulous, and the details are immaculate. You get the perfect blend of luxury and strength.

PRM2-B Power Rack


6 x Uprights (Selected Height)
4 x 42" Crossmembers
4 x 24" Crossmembers
1 x 1.25" Single Pull Up Bar
1 x 42" Central Crossmember with Logo Plate
2 x Nylon Safety Strap System
1 x Pair of Competition Sandwich J-Cup Hooks
4 x Plate Storage Pins - 12" Long
4 x Plate Storage Pins - 8" Long
6 x Floor Mount Feet
4 x Band Pins
All necessary Hardware


Heavy Duty Build All our Racks & Rigs feature strong 3"x3", 11-gauge steel construction and laser cut holes for maximum precision. Our racks come with oversized 5/8" hardware and a bolt together design for maximum portability.

Exterior Design Our PRM1 and PRM2 Power Racks are equipped with a 3x3" central crossmember, accentuated with anodized aluminum logo plates, featuring the iconic Iron Bull Strength logo precisely laser cut. The PRM Power Racks are stronger and bigger than the PRS line, offering more inside training space and more depth.

Competition J-Cups All our Power Racks are equipped with Competition J-Cups. Tested at more than 1,000lb, our J-Cups have a depth of 3.5” and lock around with three sides of the uprights. Featuring UHMW cores which offer full protection for your barbells, our sandwich style J-Cups will keep you safe during training and extend the life of your barbells. Compatible with 1” and 2” diameter barbells.

Precision Construction All uprights from our Power Racks have laser-cut pin positions for maximum precision. Featuring a Westside hole pattern of 1” spacing through the bench area and 2” spacing above and below, our Racks will allow the best configuration for your lifts. Uprights further feature holes of 6” spacing to install any racks attachments you wish to add-on.

PRM2-B Configuration A key element of what makes our power racks so versatile is the wide assortments of add-on features available. Each rack can be configured and customized to meet your exact needs and specific goals. Browse our possible upgrades and build the perfect rack for you!