75 black coated steel squat stand iron bull strength
81 black coated steel squat stand iron bull strength
87 black coated steel squat stand iron bull strength
75 black coated steel squat stand iron bull strength
81 black coated steel squat stand iron bull strength
87 black coated steel squat stand iron bull strength
all 3D model 360 degree rotating ss2 black squat stand

SS2-B Squat Stand

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SS2 Squat Stand User Manual
  • 11-Gauge 3x3" Square Laser-Cut Steel
  • Westside Hole Spacing
  • Competition J-Cups
  • 5/8" Galvanized Steel Hardware
  • 48"x48" Foot Print
  • Exclusive Black Matte Powder Coat
  • Anodized Aluminum Caps
  • Compatible with Rack Accessories
  • Made in Canada
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Made in Canada

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Base Specs

Height 75"
Footprint 48" x 48"
Weight Capacity 1000+lb
Hole Pattern Westside
Frame 3" x 3" 11-Gauge Steel
Hardware 5/8" Galvanized Steel
Rack Attachments Compatible
Upgrades SR1, SR2, SR3, Half Rack
Product Weight 141 lb
Base Price 695$


The Iron Bull Strength SS Squat Stand series is our most economically priced Squat Racks family, allowing for a full workout of the big 3: Squats, Bench Press, Deadlifts. Built on our compact 48''x48'' base, the SS series offers stability, strength and versatility, making it perfect for Home, Garage or Basement Gym.

The SS2 comes equipped with a set of competition J-Cups and a wide stable 48"x48" base. The SS Squat Stands do NOT come equipped with a pull up bar option. Our Squat Stands will virtually fit any space and ceiling height with 6 different selection of heights ranging from 75" to 87".

We designed the SS Series with a minimalist approach while keeping in mind the basic functionalities. Manufactured in Canada, the structure is robust, the workmanship is meticulous and the details are immaculate. You get the perfect blend of luxury and strength.

SS2-B Squat Rack


2 x Columns (Selected Height)
2 x Base Tubes
1 x Crossmember with Logo Plate
4 x Assembly Gussets
1 x Pair of Competition Sandwich J-Cup Hooks
All necessary Hardware


Heavy Duty Build All our Racks & Rigs feature strong 3"x3", 11-gauge steel construction and laser cut holes for maximum precision. Our stands come with oversized 5/8" hardware and a bolt together design for maximum portability.

Exterior Design Our Squat Stands are accentuated with unique anodized aluminum end caps, with the iconic Iron Bull Strength logo precisely engraved. All Squat Racks are complemented further with laser cut stainless steel Iron Bull Strength Logo plates.

Competition J-Cups All our Squat Stands are equipped with Competition J-Cups. Tested at more than 1,000lb, our J-Cups have a depth of 3.5” and lock around with three sides of the uprights. Featuring UHMW cores which offer full protection for your barbells, our sandwich style J-Cups will keep you safe during training and extend the life of your barbells. Compatible with 1” and 2” diameter barbells.

Precision Construction All uprights from the SS2-B Squat Stands have laser-cut pin positions for maximum precision. Featuring a Westside hole pattern of 1” spacing through the bench area and 2” spacing above and below, our Racks will allow the best configuration for your lifts. Uprights further feature holes of 6” spacing to install any racks attachments you wish to add-on.

SS Configuration A key element of what makes our SS Squat Stands so versatile is the wide assortments of add-on features available. Each stand can be configured and customized to meet your exact needs and specific goals. Browse our different options and build the perfect rack for you!