Premium Elbow Wraps
Premium Elbow Wraps
Premium Elbow Wraps
Premium Elbow Wraps
Premium Elbow Wraps
Premium Elbow Wraps
Premium Elbow Wraps
Premium Elbow Wraps

Premium Elbow Wraps

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  • Sold as a Pair
  • Level 3 Stiffness
  • Available in 2 Different Band Lengths: 40" (1m) and 60" (1.5m)
  • Premium Elastic Rubber/Cotton Blend
  • High End Secure Velcro Closure
  • Band Loop Strap Sewn Flat on End
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Premium Elbow Wraps for Weightlifting Our new premium elbow wraps for weightlifting are setting new levels of quality in the fitness industry. We continue to set the gold standard to this day. Featuring a proprietary elastic blend developed and manufactured specifically for the best support, our premium line is flawless, the workmanship is meticulous, and details are immaculate.

Band Strap Loop Design Our new strap loop design allows you to secure them in place and tighten them to the level of tension desired. Simply loop the end of the wrap inside the elastic strap, pass your arm through the loop and tighten on your arm to secure it. With 2 different lengths available, you can now select your prefered length depending on the level of tightenss you want, wheter you like to do 2-3 full turns (40" length) or more (60" length).

Level 3 Stifness After extensive research and testing, we developed and manufactured a proprietary elastic blend fabric for a stiffer, more durable and stronger feel, offering the perfect amount of support under the heaviest loads. The level 3 stiffness fabric has been designed for use in competition and is perfect for maximal pressing movements, offering great rebound and ultimate compression.

Premium Elbow Wraps Specs

  • Stiffness
    Level 3
  • Width
  • Material
    Elastic/Cotton Blend
  • Closure Type
  • Logo
    3D Rubber Logo


  • Weight
  • Available Sizes
  • Usage
  • Exercises
    Bench Press
    Overhead Press