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How to size and wear a knee sleeve?

How to size and wear a knee sleeve?

How to size yourself for knee sleeves:

How to measure.

Ensure your knee is bare or free from any thick clothing or padding that could interfere with the measurements. Gently bend your knee to a 30-degree angle. Take a flexible measuring tape and wrap it around the circumference of your knee at the kneecap.

Select from our size chart.

Record the measurement in inches or centimeters. Make sure to measure both knees, as there can be slight differences in size.

Consult the sizing chart provided for the knee sleeve you're interested in. Match your knee measurement to the appropriate size on the chart.

Sizing chart

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Consider your desired fit.

Knee sleeves can provide varying levels of compression and support. Some individuals prefer a tighter fit for enhanced stability, while others prefer a looser fit for improved mobility. Take your preferences into account when selecting the size.

Ensure proper fit.

When trying on the knee sleeves, they should fit comfortably around your knee without causing discomfort or restricting blood circulation. The sleeve should cover the area above and below your knee joint.

How to wear knee sleeves:

Step 1: Put on the knee sleeves.

Start by rolling or sliding the knee sleeves up your legs, positioning them over your knees. Ensure that the thicker part of the sleeve is centered over the front of your knee.

Step 2: Adjust for comfort.

Once the knee sleeves are in place, adjust them for a comfortable fit. They should feel snug but not excessively tight or constricting. Make sure they are evenly positioned on both knees.

Step 3: Test range of motion.

Perform some light movements and exercises to assess the range of motion and comfort provided by the knee sleeves. They should allow for adequate flexibility and support without impeding your movements.

Step 4: Use during workouts.

Knee sleeves are commonly worn during activities such as weightlifting, squatting, running, and other exercises that put stress on the knees. Prior to starting your workout, put on your knee sleeves to provide support, warmth, and potential compression to the knee joint.

Please note that knee sleeves are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If you have any pre-existing knee conditions or injuries, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before using knee sleeves or engaging in intense physical activities.

Remember to find the size and fit that works best for you, providing the desired level of support and comfort during your workouts.

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