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Types of weightlifting belts.

Types of weightlifting belts.

What are the different types of weightlifting belts?

Weightlifting belts come in all shapes and sizes, and each type of belt is made for different forms of training.

Straight Belts

Straight-style weightlifting belts, also known as uniform or cylindrical belts, are a type of weightlifting belt that maintains the same width all the way around, typically between 3 to 4 inches.

Straight-style belts offer consistent support around the entire waist, providing equal intra-abdominal pressure when braced against, which is beneficial for stability during lifts.

They are commonly used in powerlifting and weightlifting for exercises like squats, deadlifts, and clean and jerks. Many athletes prefer this style as it provides a uniform feeling of support and pressure distribution throughout the core area.

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Tapered Belts

Tapered weightlifting belts are a type of lifting belt characterized by their variable width - wider in the back and narrower in the front.

The back width often ranges from 4 to 6 inches, providing substantial support to the lower back, while the front is typically about 2 to 3 inches wide, allowing for more comfort and range of motion in the abdominal area during lifts.

These belts are popular among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts as they offer significant lumbar support while still allowing for flexibility and movement, which is especially beneficial during a variety of exercises.

The choice between a tapered and a straight style belt often comes down to personal preference, comfort, and the specific requirements of your training routine.

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Countoured Belts

Contoured weightlifting belts are a unique design variant that combines elements of both straight and tapered belts.

While they're wider in the back for enhanced lumbar support, similar to tapered belts, they uniquely curve or contour around the hips and ribs.

This design offers a more anatomically friendly fit, conforming better to the shape of the body. This can lead to increased comfort, especially during exercises that require more flexibility or a greater range of motion, without compromising on the support to the lower back.

The contoured style is a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts who value comfort alongside support in their weightlifting routines.

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Lever Belts

Lever weightlifting belts are a type of weightlifting belt that utilizes a lever mechanism for closure instead of a traditional buckle or Velcro system.

The lever allows for a quick and easy adjustment of the belt's tightness, making it a popular choice among powerlifters and strongman athletes who need to change the tightness of their belts quickly and efficiently.

The lever system also ensures a secure and tight fit around the waist, providing maximum support and stability during heavy lifts.

They're known for their durability, reliability, and ease of use and are often preferred by serious lifters who want to focus on their form and technique without worrying about their equipment.

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Prong Belts

Prong weightlifting belts are a type of weightlifting belt that features a buckle system with one or two prongs to secure the belt around the waist.

Prong belts offer a secure and customizable fit, allowing the wearer to adjust the tightness to their specific needs. The prongs can be easily adjusted for a more comfortable fit during long workouts or for different exercises that require more or less support.

They offer excellent support and stability during heavy lifts, and are often preferred by serious lifters who want a reliable and long-lasting belt.

Overall, prong belts are a versatile option for any lifter looking for a comfortable and customizable weightlifting belt.

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Velcro Belts

Velcro weightlifting belts are a type of weightlifting belt that uses a Velcro closure system instead of a traditional buckle or lever mechanism.

Velcro belts are often made from nylon, which makes them lightweight and flexible, and they can be easily adjusted for a customized fit.

Velcro belts are ideal for CrossFit, functional fitness, or other types of workouts that involve a variety of exercises and movements, as they allow for a greater range of motion and flexibility.

Velcro belts are also popular for their ease of use, as they can be quickly adjusted on the fly and are available in a variety of colors and designs.

While Velcro belts may not offer the same level of support as leather or suede belts, they are a comfortable and convenient option for many lifters.

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