Pro Elbow Wraps
Pro Elbow Wraps
Pro Elbow Wraps
Pro Elbow Wraps
Pro Elbow Wraps
Pro Elbow Wraps
Pro Elbow Wraps
Pro Elbow Wraps

Pro Elbow Wraps

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  • Sold as a Pair
  • Level 2 Stiffness
  • Elastic Strap Loop
  • Inverted Velcro Technology
  • Premium Rubber 3D Logo
  • Designed and Tested by Pro Athletes
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Weightlifting Elbow Wraps Approved by the Pro's Our new pro line has been tested & designed by pro athletes looking for the best support wraps for their training. The pro elbow wraps series feature level 2 stiffness elastic, providing more support and compression than our Classic Wraps. The new Pro wraps are an absolute must that any serious athlete needs to have in their gym bag.

Strap Loop Design Our new strap loop design allows you to secure them in place and tighten them to the level of tension desired. Simply loop the end of the wrap inside the elastic strap, pass your arm through the loop and tighten on your arm to secure it. With 2 different lengths available, you can now select your prefered length depending on the level of tightenss you want, wheter you like to do 2-3 full turns (40" length) or more (60" length).

Inverted Velcro Technology A great innovation we brought to the market that will make your new elbow wraps much more durable is our unique inverted Velcro technology. A big issue on all elbow straps is the hard part of the Velcro catching on the fabric when wrapping. This damages the fabric and eventually leads to tearing up the strap. By inverting the hard part with the soft part of the Velcro, we completely fixed the issue so you no longer have to worry about damaging your wraps!

Pro Elbow Wraps Specs

  • Stiffness
    Level 2
  • Width
  • Material
    Elastic/Cotton Blend
  • Closure Type
  • Logo
    3D Rubber Logo


  • Weight
  • Available Sizes
  • Usage
  • Exercises
    Bench Press
    Overhead Press