Weight Plate Tree
Weight Plate Tree
Weight Plate Tree

Weight Plate Tree

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Ultimate Storage Solution

Our heavy-duty weight plate tree will optimize your home gym space and give a nice finishing touch to your space!

It features 6 storage posts that are perfectly spaced to hold all of your weight plates, from small 0.5-pound fractional plates to large 55-pound plates.

The tree's design allows you to quickly and easily add or remove plates as you need them, making your workouts more efficient and streamlined.

Plus, with its compact footprint, the weight plate tree is ideal for even the smallest workout spaces.

It takes up minimal floor space and can be easily moved around for cleaning or rearranging your gym.

So if you're looking for a reliable, functional, and stylish storage solution for your weight plates, look no further than our weight plate tree.

Order yours today!

Impressive capacity

It features 6 long posts that can hold up to four 45 lbs of bumper plates each or more depending on the plate's thickness.


Each post is perfectly spaced to take 45lb plates on each one, for all types of weight plates, whether it be Olympic, fractional, or bumper.


It features a sturdy 3x3" steel frame, 5/8" hardware, and powder coating that can hold up to 1,000 pounds of weight plates and look great for years.

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