Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar
Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar
Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

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Elevate Your Workout

Add a multi-grip pull-up bar to your power rack to complement your training.

The 1.25" multi grips allow you to perform pull-ups, chin-ups, muscle-ups, attach exercise bands, gym rings, and more.

The heavy-duty build and textured powder coating ensure a firm grip on the bar for stability and will last you a lifetime.

The narrower grips allow you to emphasize the inner lats, middle back, and biceps while the wider grips will target the outer lats.

Order yours today and experience the difference!

Multi Grip

Whether you prefer to go wider or narrower, pronated or supinated, our multi grip pull up bar will allow you to do so.

Improved texture

Our powder coating enhances our bar’s texture, making it easier on your grip while increasing the bar’s durability.

Mounting Hardware

The bar comes with all necessary 5/8" galvanized hardware to mount anywhere on your rack.