Classic Wrist Wraps

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Performance Wrist Support

Iron Bull Strength's classic wrist wraps provide additional support to your wrists anytime you need it.

These wraps feature level 1 elastic material and provide flexible support and high comfort.

The classic wrist wraps provide good support for various movements, such as presses or overhead lifts, and are highly versatile.

The 18" length provides ample support and wrist mobility for Olympic lifts, bench presses, and overhead work.

Don't sacrifice quality for affordability - choose our classic wrist wraps for a winning combination of performance and value!

Order now and start feeling the difference in your lifts!

Level 1 Compression

Our classic wraps feature a cotton/elastic blend with level 1 compression that provides additional wrist support and maximum performance.

Thumb Loop

The classic wraps come with a convenient thumb loop, hook&loop closure for a secure fit, and quick installation/removal.

Multifunction Use

These affordable wraps are super versatile and provide ample support for Olympic lifting, cross-training, bodybuilding, and powerlifting.