Alpha Grips 2.0"

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Bigger Grip for Bigger Arms

The Alpha Grips 2.0 have been designed to quickly convert any bar, dumbbell, and cable attachment into a 2" diameter thick bar. This size is good for beginners using fat grips for the first time.

A thicker diameter bar stimulates more muscle fibers in the hands, forearms, upper arms, and whole upper body through the irradiation effect. This leads to greater and faster muscle size and strength gains.

Good for any fitness level

Select between three different diameters (2in, 2.5in, or 3in) to match your grip strength or hand size. As your strength increases, move to a bigger grip to continue improving.

Get bigger, stronger faster

Our Alpha Grips activate more muscle fibers leading to more muscle growth on every single rep. A stronger grip also means you can lift more weight on any exercise.

Easy to use

Transform any standard grip barbell, dumbbell, or cable attachment into thick bar training. Install in seconds and instantly reap the benefits!

Material High-Density Rubber
Diameter 2in
Length 4.75in
Weight 0.8lb
Shape Oval
Sold in Pairs Sold in Pairs