Barbell Collars

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Secure Grip Barbell Clamps

Our barbell collars are crafted from durable materials, ensuring they stand up to your workouts, day in and day out.

The quick-release feature makes attaching and detaching a breeze, ensuring you can transition between exercises smoothly.

Designed to be versatile, they're compatible with most Olympic bars. So, whatever bar you have, they've got you covered.

Our range comes in a variety of colors, letting you choose one that complements your gym's look.

Shop now and find the perfect pair for your barbell today!

Easy to use

The quick-release lock design enables secure and effortless attachment and removal of the clips from the bar in seconds using just a single finger for easy and fast installation/removal.


Our durable barbell collars feature a single, solid-molded casing with smooth, solid nylon surfaces and nylon jaws, ensuring they won't harm your plates or bars.


Our barbell clips are more secure than traditional spring clips and grip much harder on the bar. They have been designed to resist high-impact drops and withstand hundreds of pounds.

Material Solid Nylon Resin
Pads Elastomer
Closure Quick-Lock Mechanism
Hardware Stainless Steel
Fit 2in Olympic Sleeves
Weight 0.9lb
Sold in Pairs Sold in Pairs