Fractional Plates (LB)

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Progressive Overload

Our fractional plates are precision-engineered for micro-progressions in your weightlifting journey.

Small but constant increments progressively overload your muscles, leading to continuous progress every workout.

Every fraction matters when trying to achieve a new PR!

With color-coded designs for easy weight identification, these plates fit standard 2-inch Olympic barbells.

Order yours today and start seeing progress again!


Our Fractional Plates are constructed from high-grade rubber, offering unparalleled durability. They are designed to withstand rigorous daily use, ensuring a long-lasting addition to your fitness equipment collection.


Each weight denomination is assigned a unique color, allowing for quick, easy identification. This color-coding system eliminates confusion and interruptions during your workout, providing a streamlined, efficient exercise experience.

Universal Fit

These Fractional Plates are compatible with any standard 2-inch Olympic barbell. This allows for versatility in use, making them a suitable choice whether you're outfitting a professional gym or enhancing your home workout space.