Classic Knee Wraps

Classic Knee Wraps

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Performance Knee Support

Our classic knee wraps are designed specifically for the demands of heavy weightlifting and powerlifting.

These wraps feature level 1 elastic material, providing flexible support and high comfort.

Made from durable, stretchy material, these wraps provide the perfect amount of support and compression to keep your knees feeling strong and stable during even the toughest lifts.

And with a length of 78 inches, these wraps provide ample support and mobility for a wide range of lifts, including Olympic lifts, squats, and deadlifts.

Don't sacrifice quality for affordability - choose our classic knee wraps for a winning combination of performance and value!

Order now and start feeling the difference in your lifts!

Level 1 Compression

Our Classic wraps feature a cotton/elastic blend with level 1 compression that provides additional knee support and maximum comfort.

Hook & Loop Closure

The wraps feature a hook and loop closure system, which allows for easy and secure fastening of the wraps around the knee. This helps them stay in place during exercises and provides the necessary support and compression.

Multi-Function Use

The wraps are fully versatile and can be used for powerlifting, CrossFit, bodybuilding, and other types of resistance training. They can also be used for recovery, warm-ups, and injury prevention.