EZ Gripz V2

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Train Smarter

The EZ Gripz V2 is set to become your go-to training accessory, merging the functionalities of wrist wraps, lifting straps, hooks, and gloves into one simple and easy grip.

Optimized for rapid shifts between sets, the EZ Gripz V2 amplifies your mind-muscle connection during push and pull sessions, ensuring you concentrate on the movement, without worrying about your grip.

The innovative quick-release feature allows for prompt and secure weight release on barbells, dumbbells, pull-up bars, and more.

The palm piece of the grip can be placed against your palm for immediate bar grip during push or pull exercises, or wrapped around the bar for a steadfast grip.

S fits 5 - 6", M fits 6 - 7", L fits 7 - 8", and XL is perfect for 8" and above.

Iron Clench

Our EZ Gripz feature a unique "Non-Slip" material engineered to grip the bar or dumbbell firmly, allowing you to focus on the movement and not on your grip.

Built-in Arch Support

An integrated arch support provides additional protection, helping in securely grabbing the bar with an underhand grip, enhancing comfort.

Easy-Use Grip

Easy, fast and fully versatile self-supporting lifting grips supporting your grip while focusing on your workout.