HR1 Half Rack builder

HR1 Half Rack builder

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The all new HR1 Half Rack.

Discover our completely redesigned HR1 rack, now offering more customization than ever. Featuring a full rack option in a compact space, it’s the most complete freestanding rack available. Personalize it to your preferences and equip it with a range of premium attachments to meet your exact needs.

Strength in action.



We've completely revamped the design, transforming the hole pattern to 2 inches from top to bottom. This change makes the HR1 more versatile than ever, enhancing its practicality with fully numbered holes for quick and easy attachment. The sleek, modern look ensures seamless integration into any gym.

Competition J-Cups

The HR1 comes with competition sandwich J-cups that fit up to 2" bars. These J-cups have a UHMW plate between steel brackets, providing a secure and protective hold for your barbell. The UHMW plastic on the clasp where the J-cup attaches to the rack prevents metal-to-metal contact, ensuring added protection and durability.


Experience unmatched stability with our equipment, featuring a maximum load capacity of up to 1,000+lb. Built from 3x3 11-gauge thick profile steel tubes, its extremely stable and torsion-free construction ensures durability and strength. The 4' x 4' base frame guarantees high stability without any wobbling, making it the perfect choice for heavy-duty performance.


We use 5/8" diameter SAE grade 5 bolt hardware for unparalleled strength and reliability. These bolts offer the perfect balance of robustness, ductility, and aesthetics, making them ideal for the heavy-duty demands of the HR1, ensuring both safety and stability.

Attention to details

We meticulously attend to every detail to ensure exceptional quality and aesthetics. From the engraved aluminum caps to the iconic logos laser-cut with precision, every element reflects our commitment to excellence.

Fully versatile

The HR1 offers numerous expansion options, allowing you to maximize your training variety. With a wide collection of available attachments, you can customize your workouts to reach their absolute potential.

Made in Canada.

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