Unleash Lifting Straps

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Robust Grip Strength

Iron Bull Strength's Unleash lifting straps are crafted from heavy-duty nylon and deliver a firm grip on bars, enabling you to handle heavier weights without overtaxing your hands and grip.

These straps are adjustable to accommodate any wrist size, incorporating soft neoprene wrist paddings for comfort and raw feel to enhance grip.

With these top-quality straps, you'll find yourself pushing boundaries, paving the way for unprecedented strength gains and muscle growth.

Don't allow a weak grip to hinder your progress. Place your order today, and step up your lifting game with Unleash lifting straps.


Our lifting straps are crafted from high-quality nylon, providing an optimal grip on the bar and ensuring your lifting performance is secure and safe.

Wrist Support Pad

Each strap comes equipped with a soft 5mm neoprene support pad. The cushioned pad supports proper lifting technique and helps distribute weight evenly across your wrists, allowing for a more extended and comfortable workout.

Top-Stitched Strap Loop

We've designed our Unleash lifting straps with a unique top-stitched strap loop. This innovative design places the seam at the top of the loop preventing chafing from the stitching on the skin, ensuring that your lifting sessions are as comfortable as possible.

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